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American Rubber was founded in 1972, with a trajectory of over 40 years in the Colombian market, and more than 20 years in the international market. At the vanguard of technology for the continued improvement of research, process and development, and partnerships with the best providers in the market, we are always focused on providing our current and potential clients with the greatest satisfaction for their technological requirements. We are a manufacturing company of technical products in vulcanized rubber; specialized in rubber compound development, brake replacement parts, faucet gaskets, oil filter gaskets and gasoline filters, o’ rings and aqueduct and sewage gaskets, all with a maximum level of quality, commitment and service.

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We are a company that provides guarantee, security and confidence through solutions to your value chain. Through products and services related to the transformation of rubber. We differentiate ourselves by our confidentiality and specialized technical support.

In 2022, we will double our profitability by being an excellent supplier of rubber solutions in Latin America, supported by the talent of its people and with a portfolio of safe and reliable solutions, supported by innovative processes with high technology.

Quality: Excellence in what we do.

Warmth: Warmth and cordiality between organization members, our clients and providers.

Trust: Loyalty to our clients and providers.

Honesty: Integrity with all our actions.

Fulfillment: Fulfillment of our obligations with the value chain of what is promised.